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Have a student that enjoys figuring out things on their own but needs some accountability to get the work done, a mentor to jump in when they're stuck and a place to feel comfortable? Our program is wonderful for high school and college learners that have an interest in learning to code. We assess their skill level, interest and help them choose a course to work through at their own pace and learning style. Each visit we will review progress, define success and set incremental goals. We intrinsically weave skills such as collaboration, communication, problem solving, creativity, innovation, systemic thinking as well as strategic planning into our programs.

New to coding? Here's what you'll learn.

Level 0: Commands, Functions and For Loops 

Level 1: Conditional Code, Logical Operators, While Loops

Level 2: Algorithms

Level 3: Variables, Types, Initialization

Level 4: Parameters, Arrays


Advanced students are given a choice of languages to learn as well as topics and projects to explore. 


High School/College Program: Monthly (1x per week)